Landing Zones

Usage Rules

Landing Zones are a tricky business and mostly we like to keep them private but sharing them can be good for others visiting your area and improve safety.  Here are the guidelines you should follow.

  1. Check with the WPPA member that took the risk to recommend the site in the first place.  They may want to contact someone or just make you aware of the dangers with that specific LZ.  Either way we don't want to ruin a good thing.
  2. Always be respectful of the landowner and ask permission yourself whenever possible.  Emphasize how you intend to fly safely and respect others.  Reference Wisconsin State Code 895.52 if necessary.
  3. Try just kiting at the site first so the owner is not intimidated right off.

How can we support our LZ landowners?

IDEA: What if we held an "end of year" dinner in honor of LZ sites willing to be listed on our site?  I've heard snowmobilers do something similiar.  Is this something you'd be willing to organize?  Contact 

Friendly Sites

Name of your LZ Location  WPPA Contact Landowner Description Notes
Carp Park Airfield Cedar Grove, WI Norm DeRuyter Norm DeRuyter Private
43.57308N 87.85098W
Mt Calvary Lutheran School Menasha, WI
(owned by the church and school)
  Church Private
PPG only,
Large 500x250 area
Soccer Fields
James has spoken to the secretary and we are fine to kite there outside of school hours.  Additionally, we have flown PPG twice without issue.  Be safety aware of the neighborhood kids who love to get close.
MP40 Acre Circle Runway Freedom, WI Marvin Vosters
W2952–W2954 E Edgewood Dr Appleton WI 54913
Marvin Vosters
JJ & Holland Rd
Freedom, WI
On JJ, 1 mile North of the landfill
44.31661° N, 88.33945° W
400 ft Circle
360° takeoff
Marvin Vosters owns this property and has about 8 regular flyers. He does wish to meet first timers if he can and would want a waiver signed, but he was very enjoyable to talk to.
New Holstein Airport New Holstein, WI Phillip Champaign Phillip Champaign Public Uncontrolled PPC & PPG Friendly with 3000 Ft. wide Grass area
Piso Airport Suring, WI Phillip Christenson Phillip Christenson Public Uncontrolled 2080 Grass Runway with Trees on both ends. Gas station next door
Private Airstrip W3351 US Hwy 10
Brillion, WI
Dustin Ott Dustin Ott North South runway @ 880Ft.
East West runway @ 470Ft.

Powerlines to the North and 1000Ft. to the East

Steeves Runway N6279 Lakeshore Drive
Hilbert, WI 54129
Dan Wallander Frank L Steeves 900x100ft runway sloping Westward
Applying for FAA private airport status
In the process of constructing a grass runway and would welcome PPC or PPG traffic.

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