Frequent Flyers

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Board Members

Phillip Christenson CFI
Windy “C” Aviation 
Sport Pilot Powered Parachute Instruction
10703 State Highway 32
Suring, WI 54174
(920) 851-3342
Vice President
Dustin Ott
Dustin flies out of the Forest Junction area
See his YouTube Link
JoAnne Kaminski
David Sonntag
Dave flies out of the North Freedom, WI area
Committee Member
Michael Demuth
Mike flies out of the Suamico, WI area
Committee Member
Terry Kaminski
Terry flies out of the Appleton, WI area


Other Members flying frequently

Dan Wallander
Dan flies out of the Appleton/Sherwood area

Jon Eisele
Jon flies out of Oshkosh and owns ParAmerica

Check out his Youtube Channel


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