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Training Is Available!

How about it? Wanna learn how?

The WPPA has several members who are flight instructors. These instructors can teach you how to fly a powered parachute, or, if you are already trained, fly with you.

If you just want to experience being up in one of these things, these pilots can also give you a ride. On a calm day, they'll take you up in the back seat for around 15 to 20 minutes. The cost: half of their gas and oil cost or even free!

Last point: Get the proper training!!! This can not be emphasized enough! Even though people take these up with as little as two hours of training, you'll be sorry if you haven't spent the time to properly get trained!! You'll be more confident when you do solo and that says a lot!!!

There are many different prices for training to solo, but be expected to pay anywhere between $500 and $2000, depending on your location, training materials, instructor, etc. to get you to either the single-seat level (ultralight PPC) or the two-seat level (where you can take passengers), in which case you will need a sport pilot license.

So, what are you waiting for! Take that first step to fulfilling that dream of flight you've always had. It's like nothing else you've experienced!

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WPPA Instructors

Sean Curry                920-787-4044          currywi@aol.com


Phil Christenson        920-851-3342          christensonphil@aol.com